Networking Technology

With front-running technologies, we utilize established, industry-leading tools to design and create networking and IT infrastructure that will help maximize productivity, reduce operational costs, and manage complex consolidations.

Managed network services are vital for today’s small businesses and medium-sized enterprises, it helps run the applications that fuels your day-to-day business, enhances communication and sharing tools, and improve business flexibility and agility.

The inner dynamics of collaboration, cloud computing, big data, Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), IPv6 and network virtualization is constantly shifting and are not easily assimilated into networks. Our team of networking solutions professionals and our alliances with leading network providers, such as Cisco and IBM, can help deploy, procure and configure a final solution.



Network Assessment

Before mapping out a strategy, we will audit the network. We monitor the ongoing performance levels on your network, and pinpoint trends and specific incidences. We pool our resources to gain insight into your system, and how it is routed and utilized. We will locate bottlenecks, understand the protocols that are used, analyze traffic levels and locate password guidelines. We will determine the integrity of your network infrastructure and ensure that it measures-up to compliance regulation, where we can lower deployment costs and adoption delays

LAN/ WAN Optimization

Our team of network specialists will design a scalable LAN/WAN network solution that ensures that application delivery and processing time is efficient in the face of workload increases. Fidelity IT Solutions will eliminate latency, increase network capacity, configure to desired settings, and isolate and resolve bandwidth issues that holdback business-critical traffic. After consulting you and identifying your goals, we will build a hierarchical model that prioritizes mission-critical data and applications, so you get to what you want when you need it the most.

Network Devices

Network accessories and devices like switches, access points and routers are integral parts of your networking infrastructure. We take a holistic approach, and ensure that your devices are integrated into the overall networking infrastructure. We ensure that the integrity of your network devices are upheld by making sure they are upgradable and redundant. Integration of leading network technologies that will support higher throughput, will enable your organization to dynamically provision services to meet benchmarks.

Application Delivery Controllers (ADC)

An application delivery controller (ADC) is a device – strategically placed in our high-performing and secure data centers – which loads the balance, takes the pressure off of web servers and enhances performance of applications. ADCs bolster the security controls of mission-critical applications, and accelerate their delivery for authorized frontline users. ADCs offer compression to help deliver optimal bandwidth utilization that helps support more traffic, prioritizes activation, loads asymmetrically, SSL offload technology and DDoS attack protection.

Wireless Networking

The empowering benefits of integrating a wireless network are multifold. Wireless networking permits users to access applications and data. A wireless network allows the workforce to take the office away with them, whenever and wherever. With untethered access to business-critical applications and resources, you’re no longer tied to the desk as you are with a wired: mobility is enabled.

Instead of stringing and fishing cables, a wireless network can be easily setup and drastically reduce installation time. Wireless networks are also scalable and can be added-on to the existing networking infrastructure, whereas a wired will often require more wiring. It is cost-efficient and the smarter choice, as wireless minimizes networking cable required to outfit the office.

The wiring industry has also seen a huge innovative boom, and is one of the most R&D-intensive industries in the IT field. Continual advances in wireless networking have bridged the speed and security gap, and wireless network receives high grades in both. Wireless networks safeguard user identity and users must be authenticated via encrypted transmitted data. Fidelity IT Solutions can design, deploy and deliver the wireless networking solutions that you need to ensure stable connectivity, security protections, and reduce wiring costs. Fidelity IT Solutions, a Toronto-based managed network services provider, can help plan, manage, monitor and report on merged network and unified communication system to bring into line information technology and service levels.


Accelerate deployment to keep stride with complexity

We build an intelligent, secure and agile network infrastructure that will support your cloud, mission-critical applications and business enterprises. Resiliency, integrating a business-grade and big-data friendly network and agility are flagship proficiencies that shape business capabilities. Ensuring that you leapfrog your competition, organizations should shift their focus to ensuring applications, devices and locations will be able to quickly readjust to changing business needs.

Fidelity IT Solutions will engineer IT infrastructural enhancements that will give you flexibility and versatility. By examining your infrastructural setup, we will improve your workflow process by reducing duplication and regeneration of data; grant custodianship to administrative officers to communicate with downstream users for quality control; patch management for Windows and Linux-based OS; make interfaces more user-friendly and map data channels to ensure optimal performance.

Our Toronto networking solutions will prevent workflow slowdowns and service disruptions by implementing high-grade and cost-efficient solutions that will have self-provisioning and upgrading capabilities. Fidelity IT Solutions takes small and affordable Toronto managed network services and IT infrastructure measures that make a big difference. With a flexible business model, we can readily acclimatize to any infrastructural setup. From transitioning and upgrading an existing IT infrastructure, to creating a custom and reliable IT environment – we will deliver to your standards & ideals, and ours.

Fidelity IT Solutions will spearhead your efforts to collaborate and drive business flexibility and development through networking optimization. Our roadmap can exploit new technologies and increase elasticity.

Unite Networks and Virtualize

Unifying network resources, converged networks and infrastructures

Standardizing Enterprise-Wide Policies

Across the board, implement standards-based solutions

Simply automating

Virtualizing network resources through centralize controls, and initiate fast-to-market services

Dynamically maximize

Using network-specific analytics, we patch, rectify, maintain and optimize