IT Consulting

On a daily basis, the globe is becoming more interconnected, operates more along digital lines than ever before, and SMBs are more in-tune with the importance of their data. As an industry-mover and shaker, this constant IT flux means that yesterday’s model becomes a source of regression and stagnation that prevents SMBs from breaking-through to the top. Fidelity IT Solutions provides enriched, top-tier IT consulting services by bringing a full-spectrum perspective to the table. We uniquely combine advanced analytics, technology and R&D findings to accelerate your small or midsize business.

Technology revolutions and waves realign the fault-lines of how businesses operate. We help improve IT capability, service quality and delivery to drive bottom line growth and reach business goals. In order to navigate the waves of business innovation and turbulence, SMBs need to be bolder, imaginative and faster and strategically leverage technologies to drive value and boost performance. Fidelity IT Solutions helps shift the paradigm by helping small-to-medium sized enterprises (SMEs) synergize IT investments with business imperatives.

By leveraging our end-to-end portfolio of IT services, from cloud strategies to converged networking to business continuity services, we deliver cutting-edge, cost-efficient solutions that are choreographed to respond to business challenges and opportunities.



The ever-evolving and fast-paced world of technology can generate new opportunities or create new headaches. It is easier for many small to medium sized businesses (SMBs) to be resilient to change because of its unpredictable, unstable and expensive nature. SMBs must adapt to shifting currents, sometimes in fundamental ways or risk getting left behind by competitors who do capitalize on opportunities. Fidelity IT Solutions keeps you ahead of the technology curve by synergizing technology gains with business-specific goals. Innovation is a catalyst of growth and we will prevent the paradigm of innovation from outpacing you because we position SMBs to leverage the right technologies to enable business transformation.

Fidelity IT Solutions will spearhead business-focused IT consultation and governance structures that are rooted in technological efficiencies and business prudence. We trace gaps and overlaps in your IT infrastructures – whether it’s related to strategy, workflow, staffing, organization – and oversee and guide current and future IT organizational paths. Collaborating with stakeholders on every front, we create a strategic roadmap that calculates your short and long term goals. We assess the data, risk and operational sequencing to identify and rectify structural impediments in executing your game-plan.

Working closely with business executives, our multi-disciplinary professionals and engineers guide strategic IT decision-making in high to low-velocity environments, bolster innovative service delivery models and maximize the value of your legacy environments. While aligning IT priorities with business goals, we help lay the blueprint and investment rationale in the execution of proposed IT capabilities. By understanding the industry-based and technology-rich drivers that are critical in reshaping the landscape, we can collectively make informed decisions and reduce risks.

Our IT consulting services combines a parallel strategy that bridges two coexisting ecologies: the need for IT strategies to assist business ventures and executing those strategies through an actionable IT roadmap that becomes reality. The pressures associated with an IT changeover can anchor down decision makers and leave them behind in an aggressive marketplace. We expedite the transitioning by providing you with the tools to govern the new paradigm and ensure that it is meeting your quarterly benchmarks and long-term business end-goals. We solve complex problems to bring transformative change to SMBs and bring sustainable competitive advantages in volatile conditions.

At the core of a SMBs ability to stay competitive is the ability to respond to and anticipate market shifts and developments. Fidelity IT Solutions’ end-to-end IT services can set the overall agenda for IT to accelerate the execution of SMBs business strategies. Our innovation-focused approach and our ability to leverage the full breadth and depth of emerging and existing technologies coupled with our experience in a diverse line of industries gives us a unique frame of reference. This point of view help us anticipate issues that is common to similar companies, which allows us to resolve issues quickly, work with similar industry-standard software and understand the language and expectations. As a leader in IT consulting we have the right combination of business acumen and technology know-how to give you the right solutions to your IT needs.

IT Consulting Services

Fidelity IT Solutions is an IT Consulting Toronto specialist that helps SMBs deal with complex IT challenges. We help:

  • Foster strategic technology investments that spur revenue growth, agility by capitalizing on emerging and existing IT innovations to leapfrog competitors.
  • Achieve merger synergies by consolidating and bolstering system capacities to enable business improvements and achieve operational excellence.
  • Deliver high-quality and cost-savings experience that will improve IT service levels, IT delivery models and reduce IT counts.
  • Forge strong alliances with key vendors and strategically aligned with industry-leaders to enhance performance and growth opportunities.
  • Provide technology-specific and business-focused insights that is gathered from years of experience on the frontlines of diverse industries.
  • Focus on delivering through technology-specific results that have a major impact on the operational and financial front.
  • Fully manage IT services and plan, procure, implement and manage once deployed.
  • Vendor-agnostic solutions that are in-line with industry standards.
  • Increase product lifecycle and longevity by improving or revamping current technologies to drive productivity.
  • Facilitate continuous improvement in performance and functions in core businesses competencies by utilizing best business and information technology strategies.
  • Integrate information technology governance, operating models, industry-specific infrastructure and architecture, IT planning and framework-based enterprise deployment.
  • By executing, combining, and aligning a business-minded and IT-focused agenda, we enable transformation on the operational frontlines.
  • Build data centers with converged infrastructure; deploying and procuring a cloud environment; virtualize and automate data center; harness big data for smarter and more intelligent framework; mobility-focused advantage and productivity